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What is Numberella?

Numberella creates a social ecosystem around learning maths, combining a card, dice and coins maths game with a website/app which sorts students into houses, and connects parents to the classroom.

Numberella makes maths fun. When kids play it, they realise that maths can be enjoyable, which changes the way they think about the subject. Playing the game involves constant arithmetic, and kids who play Numberella get better at maths as a result. (We have data to back this up.) Numberella software allows Numberella to become a team game, by arranging students into houses. At the end of each game, the game currency, Antcoins, are entered into the website, and a league forms. Parents can stay in touch with the action via an app, and share in the feelgood factor which Numberella brings.

Numberella is available in 3 Levels.

Level 1 - KS1 supporting

Level 2 - KS2 Supporting

Level 3 - KS3 Supporting

Please specify which level you would like to trial when applying. (You can also trial all of them!)

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Educational Impact

build student knowledge
improve attainment
increase student collaboration
Age Range5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16
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Numberella requires the administrator / teacher to take a bit of time to learn how it works. In general, maths teachers can handle it fairly easily, and kids pick it up quickly (we know this from multiple feeedbacks) but parents have sometimes struggled to get their heads round it. There are instructional videos to help the process. Numberella is easier to work with in small groups of kids. We have had it used by a form teacher across his whole class, with great success, but it took him a bit of time to work out the magic formula, which was 3 kids to a box. That kept them totally engaged. Another school actually invited parents to volunteer and help run the game (this was with younger year 3 kids). Parents were very happy to do this, and the club ran successfully for the academic year, and will repeat next year - so this could be a way of raising parent involvement with the school.
  • The game itself requires nothing but a table. The online dimension requires tablets / devices for parents / kids to be able to follow progress outside of game time. The set up is easy.
  • Training
    In general, users have been able to pick the game up from online videos and the instructions within the game. It probably takes 30 minutes to familiarise oneself via rule books and videos, and then a couple of trial games before an administrator is confident with the product. Ultimately, it depends if the user is a 'board game' person or not - those used to the format will pick it up more quickly than those who are not.
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    Numberella Pricing

    Pricing Plans
    Numberella is a one off cost for the box, and the basic software offering is free. We will offer paid for add ons to the software in the future, but they are not currently available. 10% discount for bulk purchasing.
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    April DeGennaro, PhD

    Gifted Specialist

    Peeples Elementary, United States

    Used Numberella for 2 years

    Jun 2019

    I have already recommended Numberella to colleagues and they LOVE it!

    April DeGennaro, PhD found Numberella:
    • Significantly improves attainment
      Students learned skills above their grade band because Numberella introduced them through gameplay and this motivated all students at the table to learn a skill.
    • Significantly builds student knowledge
      After answering a question, the explanation of the correct answer helps all students advance. Questions all students miss become opportunities for a full-class explanation after the game.
    • Significantly increases student collaboration
      The online houses encourage students to work together during a game to improve house standings. Several questions give points for such collaboration. Students experience camaraderie by seeing their houses ranking improve and cheer for members of their house who are possible "high-scorer" candidates.
    • Moderately reduces attainment gap
      I use Numberella at 3rd grade and the reliance on paper/pencil maths stifles students' development of mathematical thinking. Numberella requires them to "work maths out" in their heads thus improving mental models that build maths fluency and conceptual thinking.
    • Significantly improves parental engagement
      I had "parent coaches" who played games weekly with students. These parents reported their own maths skills improving, they loved the positive community that formed around Numberella and were pleased with their own children's positive attitudes about mathematics.
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    Ronnesha Smith


    Statesboro STEAM Academy, United States

    Used Numberella for 5 months

    May 2019

    Ronnesha Smith found Numberella:
    • Moderately improves attainment
      The gave increased the student’s engagement.
    • Significantly builds student knowledge
      Yes, the game is focused on math. However, my students also enjoy the blue cards that challenge them to think past just the math.
    • Moderately increases student collaboration
    • Slightly reduces attainment gap
    • Slightly improves parent engagement
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