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Numbershark 5

Numbershark 5

Numbershark 5


What is Numbershark 5?

Numbershark features over 50 games that give meaning to numbers and number operations. The program covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, with recognition of numbers to 7 digits, negative numbers, common percentages, fractions and decimals, also 2000+ worded problems and the necessary maths vocabulary. The program is highly visual, with numbers shown in many formats such as rods, number line, scale, digits, words, abacus, number pad and 100 square.
Mental maths strategies are well addressed at all levels. Numbershark tackles poor attention span and short term memory and works particularly well for students with Dyscalculia. Progress can easily be tracked..

Recommended Usage

50 minutes per working week.
Age Range5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16
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Numbershark trial is a downloadable licence with an expiry date. Therefore, Numbershark needs a person who has rights to install it onto a school computer.
PDF guides and video tutorials are available on the Numbershark website. The teacher/s need to set themselves up, then add each student to Numbershark. To ensure that students are focusing on the tasks given to them, the program should be used either 1-2-1 or by setting work for the students. The 3 things that ensure success are: 1) using Numbershark 10-15 minutes per day, 2) selecting a topic (e.g. sums) that are the right level for the student 3) using a good range of games: this is easy to achieve by using the games suggested from the 'recommended' games tab!

Numbershark 5 Pricing

Pricing Plans
Numbershark prices will be updated on 7th January 2019. They are one-off prices and allow unlimited users. Ex vat prices: USB £130, DVD £,110 School Download £110, 10 concurrent user network £650. Network licences continue upwards in multiples of 5 and go up by £100 per 5 e.g. 15 users £750

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Last updated 3rd October 2022