Outdoor Smart Mini Library

Outdoor Smart Mini Library

Outdoor Smart Mini Library


What is Outdoor Smart Mini Library?

A Smart Mini Library is a machine that offers 24/7 self services ranging from book issue, return, renewal, and reservation, to membership card application, overdue fine payment, and book search. These services are modular-programmed, so a customization is allowed to include the services either in full or in part. The Smart Mini Library Machine can be connected with library management systems, so that it can reserve or receive books from other service locations.
It can record circulation histories, and provide a big-data analysis on popular books, top locations, and group interests, etc. , so that an optimization for book purchase and distribution can be realized.

This outdoor-series of Smart Mini Library Machines are installed outdoor to provide 24/7 book services. With the shelter and enhanced configurations, it can withstand harsh weather conditions.


24/7 Service without Staff

Self-service Book Loan & Return

Inter-library Book Reservation & Return

Built-in Book Drops to Support Additional Returns

Built-in Robot for Automatic Book Issues

Big Data Analysis for Book Purchasing & Distribution Optimization.

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Last updated 10th December 2023