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PlayKids Explorer

Quality pedagogy award
Learning goals

What is PlayKids Explorer?

Bring the best of children's literature and the digital world to your students. PlayKids Explorer is a kit that through stories, crafts, games, augmented reality activities familiarises a child with the basics of literacy and the world of stories.

The kits include a customized book with the child's own character in the story and there are different sets for children aged 1 to 10 year olds.

Age Range0-4, 5-7, 8-10
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Certified Pedagogical Quality

Certified by Education Alliance Finland, 05/2018

EAF Evaluation is an academically-backed approach to evaluating the pedagogical design of a product. EAF evaluators assess the product using criteria that covers the most essential pedagogical aspects in the learning experience.
PlayKids Explorer provides age-appropriate and meaningful materials for children to play with. A monthly package includes reading materials, activity books and set for arts & crafts. The packages are different for different age groups so there are suitable materials for everyone.
The product provides three different sets for different aged learners. The content is made personal for each and every child by putting child's own character to the stories and materials. That will create an emotional engagement with the product and aims to keep the child interested throughout the learning experience.
PlayKids Explorer promotes free exploration of the content. The story gives an outline and a theme for the package but it is up to the child and the family to decide what and when they want to read and play.
The learning process is individual for each child/family and it's not meant to compete or compare anything with other learners. Especially with children who are not able to read on their own yet, the PlayKids Explorer is meant to be used together with a parent.

Learning goals

Certified by Education Alliance Finland

The supported learning goals are identified by mapping the product against the selected reference curriculum and soft skills definitions most relevant for the 21st century.

  • Learning to construe/process texts and written content
  • Develop positive attitudes towards and stamina for writing
  • Being able to listen and follow longer fiction and nonfiction books read in chapters.
  • Making predictions and comments about the story being read.
  • Retelling familiar stories.
  • Understanding the relationship of text to pictures.
  • Practicing to look things from different perspectives
  • Practicing to create questions and make justifiable arguments based on observations
  • Developing problem solving skills
  • Creating requirements for creative thinking
  • Practicing creative thinking
  • Practicing to use imagination and to be innovative
  • Practicing to use arts as a way to express
  • Learning to find the joy of learning and new challenges
  • Practicing letters, alphabets and written language
  • Practicing to observe spoken and written language
  • Practicing fine motor skills
  • Practising visual recognition
  • Using technology as a part of explorative and creative process
  • Practicing to work with others
  • Learning to listen other people’s opinions
  • Enabling the growth of positive self-image
  • Learning to understand people, surroundings and phenomenons around us
  • Supporting student to build their own linguistic and cultural identity
  • Practicing to notice causal connections
  • Encouraging to build new information and visions

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Last updated 24th June 2024
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PlayKids Explorer
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