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Rainbow of Emotions

Rainbow of Emotions

Rainbow of Emotions


What is Rainbow of Emotions?

Rainbow of Emotions App: Teaching Emotional Regulation Skills Step by Step helps children of all ages identify, express and manage their emotions in a healthy, safe, and socially acceptable way. It is a web based app that can be use on the PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

Research has shown that children with emotional regulation skills  form stronger relationships, have fewer behavioural problems, do better at school and generally lead happier, healthier and less stressful lives. Not all children learn these skills well while growing up and need explicit teaching to develop emotional regulation skills. Without adequate guidance, children often adopt ineffective ways of dealing with stressful or difficult situations, such as aggressive, avoidance or defensive behaviour.

The app is made up of two main components:

1. Rainbow of Emotions

A rainbow is an arch made up of different coloured parallel lines that forms in the sky in special circumstances. Residing within each one of us is our very own Rainbow of Emotions, where each colour of the rainbow represents a different emotion. In the app you can set up two types of rainbows. One rainbow to represent physical emotions such as hungry, thirsty, tired or pain and another rainbow to represent negative emotions such as angry, worried, sad or jealous. For each rainbow the app helps the individual discover and design their own rainbow of emotions. You can choose the colour, picture, sound and name for each line in the rainbow to identify and express their emotions.

2. CHARGE toolkit

The next step is to help the individual manage their emotions by using tools in the CHARGE toolkit. The CHARGE toolkit gives the individual the power to choose tools to manage and repair their emotions. The letters in the CHARGE toolkit stand for the different emotional management categories: Chat tools, Helpful thinking tools, Amusement tools, Relaxation tools, Good routine tools and Exercise tools.

The app allows you to personalise the Rainbow of emotions and CHARGE toolkit by including tools the individual already uses and work for them, add select tools from the library provided in the app. For each tool the app you can choose the colour, picture, sound and name for each emotion/tool.

Recommended Usage

The app enables the student to do regular emotional check-ins. By helping the student to identify, express and manage their emotions on a regular basis will help prevent, minimise and eliminate the occurence of challenging behaviours.


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Founded: 2021
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Anyone can create the account.

Rainbow of Emotions Pricing

Pricing Plans

Paid Subscription

Rainbow of Emotions pricing starts from $9.99 / per-pupil

1-9 users - AUD $8.88 each

10-19 users - AUD $7.77 each

20+ users - AUD $4.44 each

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