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Remark Office OMR

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What is Remark Office OMR?

Tens of thousands of schools and universities in over 130 countries rely on Remark Office OMR to quickly and easily capture data from plain paper forms (tests, assessments, surveys, evaluations, ballots). Create plain-paper forms in Word® or other applications. Scan completed forms with common image scanners or copiers.
Grade tests & tally surveys with the built-in analysis engine, Remark Quick Stats®. Easily assess and evaluate student performance with powerful test grading reports including; student grade reports, demographic comparison reports, test statistics, item analysis and many more. All data & grade information can be exported to a variety of different formats..
Age Range19, 17-18, 14-16, 11-13, 8-10
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Remark Office OMR is a desktop product that is installed on a user's Windows system. The user chooses where they want to save their data and reports. Any image scanner, copier or mobile scanning app that can create a suitable image of a form can be used to process forms (tests, surveys, ballots, evaluations and more) with Remark Office OMR. This allows educators to use existing scanning hardware at the school. Full system requirements are available at the bottom of the features page on our website.
Training is not required. We offer two tutorials that can walk you through all the steps of using the software when grading a test or tallying a survey. They are offered as PDF files and also videos. There are more details and support information within the product manual, knowledgeable and support video library. In addition, we offer a free form review service where our support team will look over your form and provide feedback on how to optimize it for scanning with Remark Office OMR. In addition, we do offer online one-on-one training as an additional service if needed.

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