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What is SafeToNet?

SafeToNet safeguards children from bullying, sextortion, abuse and aggression online. The safeguarding keyboard uses artificial intelligence to automatically and in real-time advise and guide a child as they message others and search for content. It prevents them from sending anything that could harm them and hurt others. The keyboard detects when the child is being bullied, struggling with low self-esteem and showing signs of stress and anxiety. It supports them in-the-moment by providing a series of calming and soothing audio guides that help them deal with the issues they face.

Recommended Usage

That is up to the parent or teacher, but we recommend checking in daily to check everything is on track with the child's safety levels.
Age Range5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16
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SafeToNet works across mobile devices and tablets (iOS and Android only) and so basic knowledge of how install an app and create an account is all that is needed for the parent/teacher devices. For the child device there a few more settings to install, but not to worry as SafeToNet will guide you through this.

SafeToNet Pricing

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Last updated 10th December 2023