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Securus Product Suite

Securus Product Suite

Securus Product Suite


What is Securus Product Suite?

Securus provides a suite of online safeguarding solutions through Securus XT, Securus NET and a fully managed Assisted Monitoring Service.

Securus XT is a client based eSafety monitoring solution for Windows & Chrome devices. Once an instance of potential risk has been detected on a user’s device, a screenshot (a ‘capture’) is instantly created and stored for review by the designated members of staff. The highly intuitive Securus cloud console has been designed to ensure that ‘captures’ suggesting potential risk or inappropriate online activity are rapidly identified and staff alerted immediately so they can respond, safeguard and educate accordingly.

Securus NET resides at the network level and provides enhanced multi-platform safeguarding coverage for ALL devices and can support any BYOD policy that may have been implemented. Securus NET also updates the Securus Cloud Console, an intuitive user interface, and along with any captures from Securus XT provides safeguarding staff with a single interface to optimise capture review.

The Securus Full Monitoring Service is managed by a team of safeguarding experts who monitor, analyse and alert the school to potential incidents of concern. This approach to online safety ensures that all school devices are constantly monitored without taking up valuable teaching and staff management time.

Recommended Usage

15 minutes per day


Age Range0-4, 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16, 17-18, 19+
PoliciesPrivacy Policy

Storage: 2.5GB

Set Up

The school IT team are required to download and install the Securus client that will monitor school devices, this is provided directly to the IT team. Teachers/Safeguard Leads are then provided with a set of login details and a URL link for a cloud service where they can review and manage the student capture data.

TrainingIn PersonLive OnlineDocumentationVideos

Customers new to Securus or purely as a refresher for existing users, we carry out remote training sessions online to run through features and functionality and advise on best practice to optimise the use of our software. Remote training is free of charge. Our customer support portal also has training videos and help guides which can be accessed at any time.

The Securus Annual Licence includes a range of training options and resources which are included and can be called upon at any time during the licence period.

- Training of key users, those that review and manage captures and administer the system provided online in easy to follow, short sessions
- Support via the Securus Help Desk
- Access to various training resources and videos on the Customer Support Portal

Onsite training is available upon request at an additional cost.


Securus Product Suite Pricing

Pricing Plans

Free Trial
Paid Subscription

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Last updated 16th May 2022