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What is Smart Mini Library?

A Smart Mini Library is a machine that offers 24/7 self services ranging from book issue, return, renewal, and reservation, to membership card application, overdue fine payment, and book search. These services are modular-programmed, so a customization is allowed to include the services either in full or in part. The self-service library machine can be connected with library management systems, so that it can reserve or receive books from other service locations.
It can record circulation histories, and provide a big-data analysis on popular books, top locations, and group interests, etc. , so that an optimization for book purchase and distribution can be realized.

The Mini-Series of Smart Mini Library Machines are small book cabinets with doors. User can firstly open a door by inputting the door number, and then borrow or return one or more books. After the door being closed, the machine will then scan the doors and display a list of the books being borrowed or return. This machine is usually installed inside a room, or around a corner. Besides card access, it also provides optional access by fingerprint and face identifications..


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