SR4 Fixed Studio Package

SR4 Fixed Studio Package

SR4 Fixed Studio Package


What is SR4 Fixed Studio Package?

The SR4 is a comprehensive, stylish fixed School Radio studio package featuring a modern, contemporary studio furniture design and a full complement of broadcast studio features including four microphones and touchscreen based Myriad system. The SR4 is ideal for any school wanting to make a feature of their School Radio with a dedicated space that both presenters and guests to the school will love to visit broadcast from. Whether you want to make music, drama or talk radio the SR4 offers all the facilities that you need.
Installed from £7749+VAT. Comes in a range of vibrant modern colours.

Key Features:

• Intuitive SRM broadcast mixer, custom designed for School Radio.

• 3 x Pro Myriad radio software licences (install on 2 additional PC’s).

• 22” Touchscreen & PC with 4 channel soundcard & Myriad keyboard.

• Fixed studio furniture available in a choice of colours.

• 4 x Microphones, stands & headphones.

• Speakers, audio processor & integrated ‘Mic Live’ lamp.

• Onsite installation, training, lifetime aftercare & access to resources.

• 24 months School Radio Player (for streaming & podcasts)..


Age Range8-10, 10-11, 11-13, 14-16, 17-18, 19+, 19+

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Last updated 3rd June 2023