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Supporting GCSE Maths

Supporting GCSE Maths

Supporting GCSE Maths


What is Supporting GCSE Maths?

The Complete Works has had success with pupils of all levels of ability, from those who struggle to the high flyers as we adapt to each individual, helping strengthen an area of weakness and pushing further in areas of high competence. Our greatest strength though lies in making the pupil feel more confident "Half the battle with any subject lies in your ability to believe you can do it." We prepare students for exams from ALL examining boards..

Recommended Usage

60 minutes.
Age Range14-16
PoliciesTerms of Service
laptop, tablet or smart phone to join the online class free software download and installation with log in details to access the class
No training is needed. There is a short video to welcome new students, explain the contents of the course and how they will be involved.

Supporting GCSE Maths Pricing

Pricing Plans
We offer group classes and one to one classes. Group classes are £10 per student per lesson. One to one classes are £30 per student per lesson.

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Last updated 10th December 2023