The NEXT platform

The NEXT platform

The NEXT platform


What is The NEXT platform?

Together with top researchers and exemplary practitioners, Alinea develops teaching materials for all school subjects, all grade levels and in both printed and digital materials. Experience Alinea’s new digital publishing platform NEXT.

The NEXT platform is a state of the art digital publishing platform. It enables the easy publication of engaging and inspiring content for both authors and editors.

NEXT lives up to the demands of contemporary digital teaching materials in the immensely digitalized Danish Folkeskole (equivalent to primary and lower-secondary).

The platform has been developed by Alinea, the largest educational publishing company in Denmark, and a primary concern during the development process was user experience to enhance the usability of the platform.
As a result the platform is intuitive and easy to use for both content authors and editors, and they are consequently able to deliver digital teaching materials that match the demands for contemporary learning.

Come and see how the platform can fulfill your needs for disseminating high quality content in a digital world..

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Last updated 5th October 2023