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Times Table Rockstars

Times Table Rockstars

Times Table Rockstars

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What is Times Table Rockstars?

Times Table Rockstars is an award winning maths programme with a rockstar theme, designed by maths teachers to help children learn their times tables.

Available in paper format, online and via an app (accessible both at school and at home), Times Table Rockstars successfully gamifies times tables and equips young people with secure numeracy and arithmetic skills and a confidence in maths.

To be a Times Table Rockstar, you need to answer any multiplication fact up to 12×12 in less than 3 seconds! The goal is for all participating rockers to be Times Table Rockstars after 20 weeks.

Recommended Usage

Little and often - recommended 10 - 15 minutes a week.


Age Range
5-7, 8-10, 11-13


Terms of Service
Privacy Policy

Internet - Low Bandwidth
Internet - High Bandwidth
Desktop - Mac
Desktop - Windows
Desktop - Chromebook
Mobile - iPhone
Mobile - iPad
Mobile - Windows
Mobile - Android

Times Tables Rock Stars can be played on an internet browser or via the app and is compatible with all devices. Paper worksheets are also available if tech is not available. It takes one member of staff 2 - 3 minutes to upload a spreadsheet of all school pupils to our database which creates a unique username and password for every pupil in the school. Teachers can either ask the system to automatically generate usernames and secure random passwords, or they can specify usernames and passwords to match existing credentials for other websites. Once pupils have their own login details (printable on sticky labels or in parent letters), they can access TTRS on all devices immediately. Their account goes wherever they go, so if they login at school on a desktop, they'll continue where they left off at home on a tablet.


No training is needed as TT Rock Stars is very intuitive for both pupils and teachers, but PDF Getting Started Guides are available alongside pre-recorded training webinars for staff.

Knowledge Base
Phone Support

FAQs and help articles are available as well as a dedicated Customer Services team.

Home Learning
Parent Access

Parents can create the account.

With a Family subscription, parents can login with the email and the password used to register.

Times Table Rockstars Pricing

Pricing Plans

Free Trial
Paid Subscription

Times Table Rockstars pricing starts from £94.90 / year

4 week free trial is available. This gives access to the full package (subscription and both bolt-ons) and allows for unlimited pupil and teacher accounts.

Family plan subscription (two adults, three children) is available at £7.20 /year.

Tutor plan subscription (two adults, three children) is available at £7.20 /year (£2.40 per additional tutee).

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