TTR Talent Management Ecosystem

TTR Talent Management Ecosystem


What is TTR Talent Management Ecosystem?

We’re The Training Room, a leading UK technical training provider. We teach people the skills they really need for the jobs they really want. Then we use our network of corporate employers to find them those jobs.
TrainingVille is our latest venture. We’re taking our experience of connecting talented individuals with companies facing a skills-gap, and we’re multiplying the possibilities.

If you’re a business leader, allow us to surprise you with TrainingVille’s solutions for recruiting, training and retaining the valued workforce you need for the 21st century..

Age Range
19-25, 19+

Teachers/students should have access to computers with internet to log in to our platform over the cloud. There is no installation required. Anyone accessing the platform will be required to register to our platform and then access the system remotely.

We conduct a welcome training which spans about 90 minutes and is conducted online over Webex.


TTR Talent Management Ecosystem Pricing

Pricing Plans
Our charges are based on the products consumed. As an example, a course could range between £500/licence to £ 3000/Licence. The student will be able to access the course for 3 years from the date of registration. We also lease our platform for schools and businesses in a pay as you use model. £15K set up fee and £5K/month for the platform + Usage charges per learner as may be applicable
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