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What is Welbee?

Welbee assists senior leaders in schools, colleges, and MATs in improving and maintaining staff welfare and achieving the desired goals. Welbee was created to create a more positive and supportive work atmosphere where employees desire to stay and do their best job. Save time and money on recruitment, cover, absences, and other costs associated with bad health, and improve student achievement.

The survey we use as part of our systemised approach is approved by the DfE's Education Staff Wellbeing Charter, so you can sign it with confidence, knowing that you can accurately assess and track your employees' well-being and take the best steps to enhance it. We lessen your workload by performing the analysis for you and recommending and targeting actions.

CompanyBusiness Name: School Wellbeing Accelerator Ltd
HQ Location: United Kingdom
Founded: 2018
Age Range19+
FeaturesSurveysFeedback And ScoresImprove PerformanceEvidence-built SurveyAnonymous FeedbackSystemised ProcessMeasure WellbeingTrack WellbeingTargeted ActionsReduce WorkloadImprove WellbeingTransforms WorkplaceTransforms SchoolsOngoing SupportSave TimeStaff EngagementFilter ScoresPost Survey ActionsAnonymous ConversationsShare CommentsGreater Engagement
AccessibilityRobust features
PoliciesTerms of ServicePrivacy Policy
RequirementsInternet - Low BandwidthInternet - High BandwidthDesktop - MacDesktop - WindowsDesktop - ChromebookDesktop - LinuxMobile - iPhoneMobile - iPadMobile - WindowsMobile - Android
Set Up

We will offer access to your survey, information services, and/or training once you have confirmed your order.


The most significant behaviors that avoid and reduce staff stress are taught through a combination of self-reflection articles, questions, and videos. There is also a session on stress management.

SupportEmailPhone Support

We provide a Welbee Survey where you can access Welbee Voice, additional tools and resources, with 12-months remote support from our experts in improving staff wellbeing.

Home Learning

School must create the account.

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Welbee Pricing

Pricing Plans

Free VersionFree TrialPaid Subscription

Welbee pricing starts from £97 / year
  • Survey Premium - Starting from £397 + VAT
  • Survey Pro - Starting from £247 + VAT
  • Voice Pro - Starting from £97 + VAT
  • Voice Free - Always Free

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Last updated 18th April 2024
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