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What is WirisQuizzes?

WirisQuizzes is a STEM assessment tool that allows educators to create and evaluate powerful math question types with equations, graphs, or text-based answers that adapt to students' needs and automatically correct students' answers. It enables infinite dynamic questions by adding random parameters, thus supporting cheating prevention and practice through trial and error. WirisQuizzes allows educators to easily build STEM exam question types with equation, graph, or text-based answers by providing smart evaluation software and creating random unique questions every time. With our smart automatic evaluation software, you will save time authoring and evaluating because it understands math and provides customized feedback. Your students will learn through practice with our infinite dynamic questions. Use random variables to create unique dynamic questions and decrease cheating probability.

WirisQuizzes seamlessly integrates with different LMS and educational platforms to ensure all your results are automatically recorded and shared accordingly - it integrates with Blackboard, Brightspace by D2L, Canvas, Moodle, and soon Google Classroom.

WirisQuizzes for teachers: We have developed a math engine that understands everything from an elementary level to the most complex higher-ed problems. It breaks the restrictions of multiple-choice questions. WirisQuizzes expands the capabilities of learning platforms and gives students space to show what they know with open answers. As a teacher, you will have total freedom while creating questions. You have an editor that allows you to design and customize STEM exam questions and define conditions for valid answers. Because the tool understands math, it can evaluate and compare equivalent answers. You will save time working and correcting. And beyond math, WirisQuizzes covers the specific needs of STEM disciplines: units of measurement and their equivalencies, tolerances, and accuracies. Thanks to the new integrated graphics engine, you can ask geometry or statistics questions graphically.

WirisQuizzes for students: With WirisQuizzes, we boost online learning of STEM subjects. Students will receive tailored and immediate feedback on their answers in real time. Our handwriting recognition feature allows students to enter math and automatically translates these handwritten inputs into our math editor, plus our scratch-pad feature allows students to showcase their work and the reasoning behind every answer. In addition, you can easily create practice sets for your students. If the student needs to practice a specific question, they can repeat it as many times as they want, thanks to the random parameters.

WirisQuizzes for system admins: WirisQuizzes integrates with the most popular LMSs, such as Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and Brightspace by D2L. And it's possible to integrate it into any other platform through the LTI protocol or our API. Make the most of your school's digital resources thanks to WirisQuizzes. You will enhance the use of your platform in STEM subjects, and you will take advantage of touch devices with the handwriting feature. WirisQuizzes is the perfect STEM assessment tool for teaching STEM subjects.

CompanyBusiness Name: WIRIS
HQ Location: Spain
Founded: 2007
Age Range11-13, 14-16, 17-18, 19+
FeaturesAssessment Software Classroom ManagementAccessibility
AccessibilityRobust features
PoliciesTerms of ServicePrivacy Policy
RequirementsDesktop - WindowsDesktop - Chromebook
Set Up

Only needs to be installed. Follow this link to know how to install the product: https://docs.wiris.com/quizzes/en/index-en.html


We provide a free training course and a guided paid training course. Users can register for the training in the following link: ttps://info.wiris.com/QuizzesTraining-enrollment?_ga=2.177022501.1002122319.1666684949-1816873140.1642601747

You can go to our Youtube channel (@wirismath) or to the documentation page (https://docs.wiris.com/quizzes/en/index-en.html) to find all the resources needed to know more about the product.

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WirisQuizzes Pricing

Pricing Plans

Paid Subscription

Our licensing system is based on users (number of students and teachers who will use the tool).

Our licenses do not have any limitation of use in terms of the number of formulas generated or evaluations performed.

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Last updated 8th December 2023
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