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Wordshark 5

Wordshark 5


What is Wordshark 5?

Wordshark is a powerful teaching tool using the excitement of over 60 games to teach reading and spelling. No student learns in the same way so Wordshark adapts to each of their needs, providing a wide choice of words, games and options to choose from plus you can add your own words. Wordshark is effective for many reasons; ease of use, carefully designed games, adaptability, independent learning, and more. The program provides not just rote practice but also gives students the skills that they need to apply to their own work. Wordshark is particularly good for students with Dyslexia.

Recommended Usage

50 minutes per working day week.

Age Range
5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16

Terms of Service
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We provide Wordshark as a downloadable licence with an expiry date. This means that Wordshark needs someone who has the privileges to install it onto a school computer.


There is some help within the program itself. There are also PDFs and video tutorials on the company website. The teacher/s using the program will need to set themselves up on the program first, then add their students, and then either work 1-1 with a child or set work for them! The program works when the student is working on words that are the right level for them, for 10-15mins per day, using a mixture of the games - using the games in the 'recommended' tab is a simple way to achieve this.

Wordshark 5 Pricing

Pricing Plans

We have 4 types of licence at one-off prices, all allowing unlimited users. New prices will be in place on 7 Jan 2019! All Ex vat: USB £160, School Download £130, 10 concurrent user network £780. Network licences thereafter are in multiples of 5, at an additional £100 per 5 e.g. 15 concurrent users £880. The vast majority of schools choose the 10 concurrent user network.

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