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Yoginis Yoga Training

Yoginis Yoga Training

Yoginis Yoga Training

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What is Yoginis Yoga Training?

Providing specialist training in children's wellbeing and mental health to deliver yoga and mindfulness as part of the educational syllabus. Bringing together the latest research in neuroscience and biomechanics with ancient yoga techniques and skills, reducing the physical and mental health issues increasingly faced by our children today, through delivery of our unique and tested yoga programmes based on our four key principles K*I*N*D.

Yoginis offer two licensed specialist pathways, Early years and Key stage 1&2, the training can take place in-house or online and provides continuous support through membership to the hive an e-learning platform. Membership includes licence to teach Yoginis Yoga sessions, grab & go, mix & match lesson plans, focused and themed activities, training manual, CPD to those who want to demonstrate to Ofsted that they take their professional development seriously by expanding their knowledge and portfolio, access to expert support and advice and more.

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Age Range
0-4, 5-7, 8-10

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access to desktop computer or other, email, basic computer skills, password, printer


1 day for in-house training workshop and setup onto e-learning platform, Online users 4-5 hours to complete and watch videos,complete assessments and practical exercises

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One-Off Fee

One off fee for course and annual subscription

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