Review of Teach Stream
Teach Stream
Katie Ridgway

Vice Principal

Used Teach Stream for 1-2 years

Feb 2021

The team at TeachStream have been so responsive to our requests for modifications. I feel like it really supports our teaching and learning delivery. As a platform it has improved significantly over the last year and we look forward to looking for ways to use it post-lockdown.

Katie Ridgway found Teach Stream:
  • Significantly builds student knowledge
    As a method for delivering whole class or small group 'input' it allows teaching colleagues to plan their lessons in a way that communicates new knowledge as well as consolidating previous learning.
  • Significantly improves behaviour or wellbeing
    It allows all students to be a part of the lesson online. Our students have contributed really well in the lesson chat function and appreciate being able to reply privately to the teacher as well as being able to engage in whole class discussion. The 'typing' function allows teachers to encourage students who are writing a contribution to the lesson which helps to keep the lesson flowing. It helps students at the start of the lesson to be able to see you as the teacher through the 'video on' function but teachers do not have to worry about managing students having their cameras on as this isn't a feature of the software. From a wellbeing point of view, students have appreciated not being on camera and it also means that the platform is as inclusive as possible - students don't need a device with a camera or a microphone to participate. Having the ability to disable the chat function and see who is in the lesson does help with behaviour management in an online setting. You can also download the 'chat log' which helps to frame conversations with students and parents if anything needs to be addressed in terms of conduct. Having the ability to download the recording of the lesson also supports both student and staff wellbeing as it provides a resource that staff can use for the delivery of future lessons and it gives students to opportunity to re-watch the lesson for clarity.
  • Significantly improves school processes
    TeachStream is our primary mode for delivering online lessons to our young people.
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