Adventure Math Lessons
Sandra Belda Navarro

Kindergarden Manager

Mi Casita, Finland

Used Adventure Math Lessons weekly for 0–3 months

Dec 2023

The lesson (theory) wasn't the easiest for 6-7 years old children, I needed to adjusted quiet a lot sometimes to keep them interested. Also, the options for tis age were limited (Obviously the programme was designed for older children). However, our experience was really good. Thank you very much for all your work and pacience.

Reply from Adventure Math Lessons:Hi Sandra, Thank you for your feedback. We're glad to see positive outcomes in student collaboration and engagement. We'll consider your insights on age-appropriateness as we develop our lessons further. Best wishes, EO Space team
Sandra Belda Navarro found Adventure Math Lessons:
  • Slightly reduces teacher workload
    It is neutral since in any case the teachers needs to prepare the introduction part and then the "games".
  • Moderately reduces attainment gap
    Children were excite to be able to achieve tings on their own.
  • Significantly increases student collaboration
    Children who couldn't read where asking to other for help. Or if they were not sure about how to do it.
  • Significantly improves teaching efficiency
    It is always easier to learn through games, children are more motivated.
  • Significantly improves attainment
    They are very interested in this game concept of learning and this helps on their attention and they try to learn how to do it to gain more points.
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