Review of Audiopi

Jun 2020

I was an audio learner myself as a student, except in those days my father had to source lectures on my core texts on tape from publishers. He found many of the core texts on audio, but rarely found analytical material. Now this fills a gap long needed by audio learners. Horaay!

Elizabeth Tunnicliffe found Audiopi:
  • Moderately improves attainment
    We have enjoyed fantastic results for GCSE Literature since using AudioPi as a revision tool.
  • Moderately builds student knowledge
    Often, the lecturers will have the very knowledge that a tired teacher could spend hours researching online. Here, you can at the click of a button, hear experts giving all the background context needed. For example, the Gothic features of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde were clearly explained in ways my weaker learners could understand.
  • Does not significantly increase student collaboration
    Careful listening and pausing to replay is a personal activity.
  • Slightly reduces attainment gap
    What attainment gap?
  • Significantly reduces teacher workload
    The comparisons of the poems are really helpful. The lecturers often see links between poems that we cannot see while writing the lesson the night before a class. It is a Godsend to the overworked teacher whose brain is not supplying the answers readily.
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