Aurora Classroom
Emily Stratford

Music teacher

Used Aurora Classroom weekly for 1-2 years

Nov 2023

It was such a great way for pupils to access classical music in an engaging, fun and skill-building way. The approach has multiple entry points so all children have a chance to access the content. It’s varied approach caters for both music and non-music specialists and significantly reduces planning time.

Reply from Aurora Classroom:Thank you, Emily – it's great to hear how useful the resource has been for use by cover teachers as well as how it has saved planning time.
Emily Stratford found Aurora Classroom:
  • Significantly reduces teacher workload
    Using the strands to differentiate for each class has saved significant planning time.
  • Moderately improves teacher knowledge
    I found it was great when a non-specialist teacher had to cover my lessons. They were able to use the teacher screen and be more hands on with the pupils.
  • Significantly improves attainment
    Pupils found the video format helpful for engagement and attainment. Adults were free to model activities side by side and the screen content was engaging.
  • Significantly builds student knowledge
    Pupils were able to build on skills through practical activities. They enjoyed using the videos to get familiar with songs that focused on pitch and pulse. They enjoyed seeing Jessie on the screen and repeating activities that became familiar
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