Review of BioBrain


St Catherine's School, Australia

Used BioBrain weekly for 0–3 months

Oct 2022

Overall, biobrain is a great tool for revision because it presents the content in a slightly different way to my teachers at school which improves my overall understanding. I also love the practice questions which I can do on the go, wherever I am.

Tahlia found BioBrain:
  • Moderately reduces teacher workload
    Biobrain provides students with additional information about the subject content as well as extra practice questions, so there is less pressure on teachers to source these.
  • Moderately improves teaching efficiency
    It is easier and quicker for students to understand complex concepts by having these alternate explanations, so this makes teaching more efficient.
  • Moderately improves teacher knowledge
    Sometimes biobrain will present information in a way to which teachers are not accustomed, which generates further discussion between teachers and students about the content and different perspectives of it.
  • Moderately improves attainment
    By being a source of extra revision materials, biobrain does increase the likelihood of students like myself reaching academic goals.
  • Significantly builds student knowledge
    Biobrain increases student knowledge by providing in depth information about a variety of areas of study within a subject.
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