BlueSky Education

Head of Governance

Advance Learning Partnership, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Used BlueSky Education weekly for 5 years+

Aug 2022

I have used BlueSky for several years and find it really supports staff development. It also aligns objectives to the priorities of the School/Trust. BlueSky provides a platform that helps staff to feel that they are personally being invested in, making staff feel valued.

Stefanie found BlueSky Education:
  • Slightly reduces teacher workload
    Helps support a paperless system. Pulling everything together into one report for analysis
  • Moderately provides school data
    The system provides data of CPD impact allowing for further support where required. Also provides data on learning walks and mentoring/coaching, which supports with teacher development
  • Moderately improves teacher wellbeing
    The system provides staff with an area to reflect on practice to help staff with future opportunities. It allows staff to know they are valued, through coaching, appraisals and CPD.
  • Slightly improves teacher knowledge
  • Moderately improves school processes
    All schools use the system so there is a streamlined process across the Trust. Reports provide efficient information to help analyse requirements across the schools/trust. E.G. CPD impact supports future CPD training requirements.
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