CK-12 Foundation
Chriss O

Science Teacher

West Mifflin Area High School, United States

Used CK-12 Foundation for 4-6 months

Dec 2020

The materials that CK-12 supplies, FOR FREE!!!, are amazing. We are using it for Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, Physics, Astronomy, and Zoology classes.

Chriss O found CK-12 Foundation:
  • Significantly improves attainment
  • Significantly builds student knowledge
  • Significantly improves teaching efficiency and productivity
    As this is my first year teaching remotely, there is no way I could develop the quality of content that is found in their platform.
  • Significantly reduces teacher workload
    I love that they provide short discreet lessons so that I can easily pick which ones match my curriculum the most. I have a CK-12 lesson for just about every topic that I need.
  • Significantly saves school money
    Our science department was supposed to get new textbooks this year but we did not due to the pandemic. Some of our books are close to 20 years old. CK-12 is definitely saving our district money and helping the teachers teach with up-to-date materials.
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