Review of Edumate

Teacher/Literacy Coordinator

Carrickfergus Model Primary School, Northern Ireland

Used ClassMaster for 1-2 years

Jul 2021

ClassMaster is a tool for today and tomorrow's classroom. The world is becoming ever increasingly digital and automation and IT are all around us. There is absolutely no escaping digital technologies and they should be embraced in education too to reduce teacher workload, engage pupils in their learning, tailor the educational experience of every child and ultimately increase the quality of teaching and learning in our schools and educational establishments. ClassMaster helps to achieve these aims! ClassMaster is a truly fabulous tool which I would highly recommend to anyone wishing to see change in the areas referenced above whilst embracing new, exciting and ever-evolving technology which needs to play a part in today's classroom if we're ever to fully cater for and engage the pupil of today and tomorrow. I couldn't recommend ClassMaster highly enough and I'm excited to see where it goes from here! All the very best and thank you so much!

John found ClassMaster:
  • Significantly reduces teacher workload
    Teacher workload is significantly reduced in a number of areas as a result of using ClassMaster. Firstly, in terms of marking, ClassMaster has automarking functionality built in, therefore the requirement to individually mark 30+ books or tasks by hand is instantly removed. (Of course, you still have the freedom to mark questions or whole tasks manually using your preferred approach.) Furthermore, because all tasks are stored electronically in one location, you don't need to carry books home or spend time searching for or sorting through piles of marking. Secondly, in terms of pupil feedback, workload is considerably reduced again because of the automated nature of the system. I can choose to send feedback on an individual question or whole task basis and to any number of pupils at once. High quality (typed) general or tailored feedback can be provided in an instant without the need to write it out countless times in numerous books. Thirdly, in terms of data analysis, because the marking is automated, I can spend more time analysing the pupil responses and task results. I am provided with data instantly upon task submission and can use this immediately to inform my planning and lesson progression. I can view historical data in tabular or graphical format at the click of a button and draw individual or collective trends with ease. The data is all stored in one location which saves me cross-referencing across multiple platforms to locate historical data. Finally, in terms of resource creation and deployment, ClassMaster is extremely user friendly and enables me to convert paper resources to e-versions in a matter of minutes and assign them with ease to groups, individual pupils or to the whole class.
  • Significantly provides school data
    ClassMaster is a "data rich" system. I can view individual, group or whole class assessment data at the click of a button. This data can be viewed by various approaches. I could, for example, view responses to an individual question from every pupil in the class. Similarly, I could view all responses to a whole task by a selected pupil(s). I could also view all historical assessment data from any given pupil and filter this using the effective "tagging" and calendar systems that are built into ClassMaster. In viewing pupil assessment data, I am provided with the pupil's highest, lowest and average scores for any selected or all activities, alongside the date and time completed, task duration, raw score and percentage. I can view this data in graphical form using the impressive "Insights" element of the system. Again, this is extremely beneficial for data analysis and drawing trends over time to inform teaching and learning. In tabular form, I can sort data into rank or reverse rank order instantly for score, date/time, assessment name and task duration. These are all useful insights which wouldn't be available if the task was completed on paper. Pupil data is all safely stored in one location and saves me having to search across multiple platforms or through various paper tests to locate the information I need. Parents have full access to their child's historical data too, which is useful in keeping parents/guardians informed and for strengthening the home-school link.
  • Significantly improves teaching efficiency
    My efficiency as a teacher has most certainly increased as a direct result of using ClassMaster. Due to the reduced workload and ease of data analysis as referenced above, I believe I am more informed about my pupils' learning and attainment and am therefore in a better position to cater for their needs in a tailored and timely fashion. For example, when manually administering daily spellings and mental maths tests, I collected in the 30+ books and marked them by hand, sometimes only finishing as the final bell sounded. There was rarely time for data analysis as the books were then frantically distributed and pupils took them home to complete corrections independently. Now, because of ClassMaster, I don't have to mark the 30 books by hand during the day and can instead, following the test, view outcomes for the whole class and because of the useful traffic light system built into CM, identify pupils who struggled or excelled with the test and view which question(s) were answered well/poorly across the class. In the moments following the test, we can then address these questions, work through them collaboratively and learn from our mistakes, all whilst the test is still fresh in everyone's mind. I've found that the kids love getting their results and feedback instantly, rather than having to wait until the end of the day. It's much more effective going over the assessment in the moment, rather than at a later stage or (as most often was the case due to time constraints) not at all.
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