Classroom Secrets
Mr Teacher


Used Classroom Secrets occasionally for 3-4 years

Mar 2022

it was great but since the updates it's unusable

Reply from Classroom Secrets:Thank you for your very honest review. Your feedback is taken very seriously, and we certainly do not want you to feel stressed or like you are spending more time on finding the right resources. I really would like to have the opportunity to discuss your concerns further and I am personally available on
Mr Teacher found Classroom Secrets:
  • Does not reduce teacher workload
    It used to be great to use but since they changed it the workload issue is even worse spending hours trying to find suitable resources to help my teaching
  • Does not improve teaching efficiency
    If I try to use it takes me to long to find the resources I could use and then have to adapt as they don't match the requirements
  • Does not improve teacher wellbeing
    causes stress trying to find resources
  • Does not improve attainment
    if I tried to use it as it was my children would make little progress
  • Does not build student knowledge
    it tries to do mastery before it helps with the basics. okay if you teach very bright children
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