Review of ClickView
Jessica Pattison

Deputy Head Teacher and Computer Lead

Hadrian Primary, England

Used ClickView weekly for 4-6 months

May 2023

As a very busy teacher, Clickview has really helped in terms of workload and has changed the way we use video in class. Clickview is so easy to use and the bank of videos have been great so far. I must also rate the customer service. If there has not been a video which we needed, Clickview have been excellent in dealing with our request. We understand that they are new - but I can see how this could really have an impact on the classroom and the ever growing teacher workload!

Jessica Pattison found ClickView:
  • Significantly reduces teacher workload
    Clickview has a huge impact on teacher workload as it reduces the time to find an appropriate clip or video to use in class. This essentially reduced planning time and because of how easy it is to use, it is so quick to bring something up for a lesson which could explain something, or could help with your teaching.
  • Significantly improves teaching efficiency
    Clickview has a huge impact on teaching efficiency. Because it is so easy to use, teachers feel confident when using Clickview. It also helps with teachers finding something which matches the needs of the pupils and because all clips are trusted, this really helps staff feel confident to use Clickview.
  • Moderately improves attainment
    In terms of attainment, Clickview can impact on attainment, but it depends on why you are using it. We have found that the informative clips have helped to raise knowledge in the children and have helped to build their enthusiasm in certain subjects. Ultimately, this is all aids to help with attainment.
  • Significantly builds student knowledge
    We often use Clickview for clips in History and Geography. They are great to use to help build knowledge as the children are interested in these clips and we, as teachers, feel confident with the content of the clips as they have already been studies to check that they are appropriate. We can also add questions to the clips, which make them even more interactive, ultimately building on student knowledge.
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