The CREATE Education Project
Ed Gilbertson


Used The CREATE Education Project daily for 0–3 months

Mar 2024

As a free resource for a very small school with a very small budget, this was invaluable. The children were really engaged with the topic and could talk about it with parents and in school assemblies. All children in upper KS2 were able to participate in the project, designing and making a 3D model they could take home.

Ed Gilbertson found The CREATE Education Project:
  • Significantly increases student collaboration
    Children have been able to work together to create 3D models using CAD software and then print a 3D model.
  • Significantly improves teaching efficiency
    Children have a real life example to see and watch when discussing the workings of a 3D printer.
  • Significantly improves teacher knowledge
    The CPD gave teachers knowledge and skills on how to use a 3D printer but also knowledge about how the subject can be taught at primary school level.
  • Significantly improves attainment
    Children are more engaged with the lessons/topic due to the practical elements and so children's knowledge, understanding and therefore attainment has increased.
  • Significantly builds student knowledge
    A real life example of a 3D printer in use helps children understand in more detail
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