Review of Driven Tutors
Driven Tutors
Michael Bakalov

Mathematics & Physics Tutor

Driven Tutors, England

Used Driven Tutors daily for 1-2 years

Aug 2023

As a tutor, the flexibility provided at Driven Tutors was amazing - if a session needed to be rescheduled, it would be quickly and efficiently. Driven Tutors are very supportive to their tutors ensuring that the tutors are well prepared for any upcoming project, for instance I received a lot of support while preparing for the Personal Statement workshop. The students at Driven Tutors are highly aspiring and driven, which made the sessions very engaging.

Michael Bakalov found Driven Tutors:
  • Significantly reduces attainment gap
    Use of past paper questions along with application of content to practical example has allowed the students to grasp a better understanding. This has massively helped to reduce the attainment gap.
  • Significantly increases student collaboration
    A student is asked to explain the taught concept in their understanding to other students mainly focusing on the relevant informations required to score maximum marks in the exam.
  • Significantly improves attainment
    Before being tutored, one student was achieving Level C for her A-Level Maths. She attended the summer term for Maths tutoring and ended up achieving an A grade in her end of year examinations, and in the process receiving an A prediction for her UCAS application. This one of many examples of students improving their results throughout the year.
  • Significantly builds student knowledge
    Throughout the year, students are tested on new topics covered alongside covered topics. At the end of the year, the topics that students struggled with previously would be tackled with confidence. 100% of students were able to grasp a topic that they previously found challenging.
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