Review of Giglets
Hannah Jones

Teacher and LLC Link

Lliswerry Primary School, Wales

Used Giglets weekly for 5 years+

Feb 2022

I feel that there is a big jump from the bright star to the red balloon books i.e. wordless texts to tricky text. Although learners can access the read aloud tool - we still encourage learners to use their reading skills and many of our lower ability readers who are reading short simple sentences, find this hard. There needs to be something in between the bright star and red balloon to bridge this.

Reply from Giglets:Hi Hannah! Thank you for writing us a review here on EdTech Impact. We really appreciate that you took the time to do so. We've been adding lots of books at all levels and so hopefully you'll see an even greater choice within the levels. If you need any help at all using Giglets, you can email our Help Desk on Best wishes, The Giglets Team
Hannah Jones found Giglets:
  • Slightly saves school money
    Learners have access to the online resources which does save on photocopying (as we are a large school). Online literature and resources reduces the case of losing books and lowers the cost of replacing them.
  • Slightly reduces teacher workload
    Resources are readiy available and can be assigned easily to pupils. Some of the features allows learners to access activities and learning independently.
  • Slightly reduces attainment gap
  • Significantly improves parent engagement
    Lot's of children do not have literature at home and do not have stories read to them. Learners can access online resources - and independently if needed. The 'read aloud' feature is great for this as there are times when parents are busy. Children with parents who have low confidence with reading themselves, are still able to have stories read to them.
  • Significantly improves attainment
    Children enjoy accessing Giglets on the iPads or Chromebooks etc because there is an element of fun with this. When reading is pleasurable, learners want to engage and this in turn has an impact on their reading skills.
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