Review of IRIS Adapt
IRIS Adapt
Stu Lambert

Head of School

Selworthy School, England

Used IRIS Adapt daily for 3-4 years

Jun 2023

Iris adapt has been a really useful tool and has most definitely brought value to our offer. I am keen to see what additional developments are on the horizon, especially around analysing a presenting data to wider audiences.

Reply from IRIS Adapt:Hi Stu, thanks for the review. The development we are working on at the moment is a user dashboard. Amongst other things, you will be able to click a notification and be taken directly to the record that the notification refers to.
Stu Lambert found IRIS Adapt:
  • Moderately reduces teacher workload
    Previously the use of paper incident forms meant that staff were having to hand write forms and pass them to line managers for review. These forms went back and forwards until they were filed by admin. Having on online portal that retains all of this information and allows collaboration and easy analysis, reduces the cognitive load.
  • Significantly provides school data
    Within a Special School setting it is important to have the data around dysregulation to consider trends and themes. This allows us to adapt strategies and respond with interventions or changes to provision. Following these adaptations we can then go back to the data and consider how effective these changes were.
  • Significantly improves school processes
    By analysing learner level and school level data we can consider certain CPD for staff. Data from IRIS will also shape a learners PLP.
  • Slightly improves behaviour or wellbeing
    Iris doesn't so much directly impact on behaviour but it provides us with a tool that enables us to unpick behaviour and dynamically react to themes and trends.
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