Junior Language Link

SEN Team: Inclusion Lead

Used Junior Language Link for Over 10 years - Junior language link came a little while after Infant language link.

Apr 2020

Like Infant Language/Speech Link - the Junior language Link provides accurate assessment and next steps, making the referral process much easier and quicker.

Julie found Junior Language Link:
  • Significantly improves teaching efficiency and productivity
    Pre-Teaching topics and concepts which then enables the children to access the curriculum appropriately - which then leads to efficiency in teaching and learning.
  • Significantly reduces teacher workload
    The resources are available on the website - they are readily available with teaching notes, resources and ideas, backed up by evidence based research
  • Significantly improves teacher knowledge and skills
    Teachers now using language through colour to support language building and knowledge in the classroom - the way they delivered their lessons changed when they incorporated the LtC resources and ethos
  • Significantly improves behaviour or wellbeing
    Allows them to understand that they don't have to spend hours in an evening making individual resources for their children - that there is a reliable place where they can get quality resources and accurate assessments.
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