Learning By Questions
Mark Daniels

Teacher of Mathematics

Balshaws' CE High School, England

Used Learning By Questions daily for 0–3 months

Feb 2022

Excellent resources to help me teach and to promote good progress for students. Its reduced my workload massively and improved the variability of the work given to students. Not only would I recommend LBQ I have already done so to every member of staff who will listen.

Mark Daniels found Learning By Questions:
  • Significantly reduces teacher workload
    Planning and printing of worksheets now a thing of the past. Extension work already and thus less needed. Easy to find and quick to access in lesson.
  • Significantly reduces attainment gap
    Students can see their progress and they can give themselves targets for learning. The program is also allowing them to see that others are wrong too and thus manage their expectations better.
  • Significantly improves attainment
    Students reaching higher levels on topic assessments and more willing to attempt harder questions. This is providing better outcomes.
  • Moderately builds student knowledge
    Enables students to see why they are wrong and helps them improve. While LBQ does not teach students it does allow me to have many excellent learning conversations.
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