Learning By Questions
Mark Stephenson

STEM Lead and Y3 Teacher

Lanchester EP Primary, England

Used Learning By Questions weekly for 3-4 years

Feb 2022

Such a great resource to use. Thousands of question sets at the click of a button that our children from Y1-Y6 love using.

Mark Stephenson found Learning By Questions:
  • Significantly reduces teacher workload
    Question sets are so easy to locate and use with links direct to schemes such as White Rose. It takes minutes to search and review question sets before allocating to classes.
  • Moderately reduces attainment gap
    Higher achievers thrive at the extension parts of the question sets. Children are able to work independently on tasks without any peer pressures. The live results enable quick interventions where needed. Using LBQ as intervention and top up sessions is also an excellent use of the resource.
  • Significantly provides school data
    Tracked classes allows for speedy access to data. Whole class tracking as well as individual results are easily accessible. Data then used alongside school data systems.
  • Significantly improves attainment
    As the children access LBQ question sets at their own pace, their confidence and performance have improved. There is less peer pressure. Children are independent learners. With clear help and guidance if they get something wrong, it removes the stigma of feeling different in front of others.
  • Moderately builds student knowledge
    Great to reinforce what is being taught. Also great to be able to extend using further reasoning and problem solving.
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