Level Up Village
Lisa Fore

Spanish Teacher, Department Chair

Abingdon High School, United States of America

Used Level Up Village monthly for 7–12 months

Jan 2024

My students have loved the LevelUp Village experiences they have participated in. Mostly they cannot wait to receive responses from their favorite students in the partner school. Although they do not know each other personally and do not exchange personal contact information, they make a true connection and are excited to see and hear from their "friends".

Lisa Fore found Level Up Village :
  • Moderately increases student collaboration
    Students collaborate to negotiate meaning of messages, to edit their own messages and grammar, and to become proficient in the use of a variety of technology tools for recording messages and/or adding subtitles.
  • Significantly builds student knowledge
    Students developed and/expanded vocabulary necessary to talk about the chosen theme, gained insight into cultural practices, traditions, and perspectives, were exposed to linguistic diversity, developed empathy for their peers who were studying and learning English by developing a deeper understanding of others' experiences. Our partner school was in Argentina and the lesson was "Our Favorite Foods" which allowed us the opportunity to learn about products in grocery stores (such as milk in bags), the tradition and cultural practice of drinking mate, and the parrillo and asado. Students had to adapt to the linguistic rules of Argentine Spanish. Students also gained cultural knowledge from non-intentional visual components as they were able to compare style/fashion, grocery stores and foods, and appliances.
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