Level Up Village
Sabrina Wilson

Spanish and English teacher

The Branson School, United States of America

Used Level Up Village Global Connections weekly for 0–3 months

Feb 2023

All the reasons above. It was difficult to coordinate with my global partner, which rendered the experience very inefficient and frustrating for my students. I agree with my students that they would get more out of it if they were paired with a single person. Additionally, we had some trouble with the website. A few of my students had repeated issues uploading their videos and some of their videos simply did not upload.

Sabrina Wilson found Level Up Village Global Connections:
  • Moderately increases student collaboration
    My students were excited to communicate with peers in Mexico so they were generally more enthusiastic about the LUV homework assignments, at least at the beginning of the exchange.
  • Does not improve teaching efficiency
    It was difficult to coordinate with my global partner because we were on different teaching schedules, so we experienced delays that sometimes made lesson-planning difficult. I had to readjust my plans a few different times. Because we did not move efficiently through the LUV exchange, it interfered with my teaching of other, unrelated material.
  • Does not significantly improve behaviour or wellbeing
    My students expressed enjoyment in getting to know teens from Mexico through videos, but they also said they would have rather connected with a single student multiple times. They uniformly expressed a preference for having one exchange partner that they could correspond with multiple times.
  • Moderately builds student knowledge
    They learned about aspects of Mexican culture; they were particularly fascinated by the conversations about music.
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