Marty The Robot V2
Shannon McAllister

Principal Teacher

Croftfoot Primary School, Scotland

Used Marty The Robot V2 weekly for 0–3 months

Nov 2021

All of the students have been engaged and enthusiastic about their learning when using Marty. It is great to use across all stages in the school and the online resources are very helpful for staff to build their confidence when first using Marty.

Reply from Marty The Robot V2:Thanks very much for your feedback, Shannon. We really appreciate it!
Shannon McAllister found Marty The Robot V2:
  • Significantly increases student collaboration
    Pupils working together to solve problems using their creativity skills
  • Significantly improves teacher knowledge
    The website has several resources, guides and lesson plans which are very useful for staff knowledge and confidence when using the device in their classroom.
  • Moderately improves behaviour or wellbeing
    Children are all engaged and enthusiastic about their learning when using Marty this has a positive impact on behaviour. There are lots of different ways to use Marty in the classroom across the curriculum which means it can be used to support or challenge learners.
  • Moderately improves attainment
    Developing problem solving skills across all stages, using a variety of Meta Skills and understanding of computer science and technology.
  • Moderately builds student knowledge
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