Maths-Whizz Suite

Used maths-whizz for 2 years

Jun 2019

The technical aspects mean that I spend a lot of time trying to deal with none working log ins, children having issues on their account, the systems at school needing to be completely re-done, glitches in some accounts, on the i-pads the page becoming too big for the screen and it cannot be reduced unless you go out of the activity and back in, doctor whizz time consuming to use: technical aspects outweigh the positives

Emma found maths-whizz:
  • Slightly builds student knowledge
    some children make progress in their maths age
  • Slightly improves attainment
    Some pupils make progress with their maths age
  • Slightly reduces attainment gap
  • Does not significantly reduce teacher workload
  • Moderately provides school data
    children's areas of strength and weakness
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