Review of Parent Hub
Parent Hub

School Business Assistant

Whaley Bridge Primary School, England

Used Parent Hub daily for 3-4 years

Jun 2023

We think it's fab. We like the added bonus of the app, it makes our organisation current and relevant.

Heather found Parent Hub:
  • Significantly saves school money
    We were eligible for a free package when Parent Hub first launched in a scheme through the council. We only pay for e-mail and txt bundles. This was a significant price drop from our previous provider.
  • Significantly improves school processes
    Staff have access to their classes, groups and private messages. We are able to attach links to websites and documents to the messages we send. We are also not limited to how many characters are in the messages, allowing for no miss communication.
  • Significantly improves parent engagement
    We are able to see when parents have read the messages. We are also able to see if parents have the app, and give the ones that don't have the app a reminder of how to download.
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