Review of Parent Hub
Parent Hub
Virginie Sanchez

Office Administrator

Used Parent Hub for 1-2 years

Feb 2021

ParentHub is a very simple platform to use but an amazingly powerful tool. ParentHub can pride themselves on an extremely reliable system and an impressively reactive support team. I can't speak highly enough of their ability to listen and take suggestions onboard. ParentHub is in constant development, and so far always for the better!

Virginie Sanchez found Parent Hub:
  • Significantly saves school money
    We have been able to send all school letters and communications to our 300+ parents and carers in high res, colourful pdf thus saving on printing/paper/mailing costs. Sending targeted, instant direct messages to contacts - with the ability to track whether messages have been read - has been a huge time (and therefore money) saver for our school.
  • Moderately improves school processes
    The most recent and significant impact of ParentHub for our school has been on maintaining clear, smooth communications at all levels during each lockdown : - the main school channel is fed by our Headteacher and Children and Families Officer (school life updates, mental health resources and support, COVID19 information, etc) - each class has its own channel where teachers can post specific timetables, links to remote learning, useful reminders etc. - direct messages also allow teaching or admin staff to easily offer additional resources/support to individual children. Together with our school website, ParentHub has been instrumental in reaching out to our families at this difficult time in a very simple, cost effective and immediate way.
  • Significantly improves parental engagement
    The functionalities developed by ParentHub have improved parent engagement greatly: - the interactive dates/times in messages allow parents to easily add to their calendar and remember school events/appointments easily. - the search function mean parents can easily find a specific message/piece of information in past communications. - quite a few parents use the "e-mail the school" direct button from the school page on ParentHub to contact us. At our end we have been able to monitor when a parent became less (or in-)active, which enabled us to proactively contact them and offer support where needed.
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