Persona Life Skills
Brian Reeve-Hayes

PSHE & Mental Health Lead

King's Lynn Academy, England

Used Persona Life Skills weekly for 4-6 months

Jan 2024

Persona is a fantastic tool for the right environment. We tried it at out Behaviour unit and found students did not have the ability to focus and lacked the ability to sit on a computer with other students around. In other groups we use it with, it is much more attainable. It requires staff who know exactly how to use it so they can explain to students. We currently only have 1 staff member (me) who can confidently explain to student, but I am limited on time with students.

Reply from Persona Life Skills:Thank you Brian for your review. It's very useful for us to hear feedback on how the students are interacting with the platform, what works and what doesn't. We are always here to support if needed and we are happy to be a student personal development partner for King's Lynn Academy.
Brian Reeve-Hayes found Persona Life Skills:
  • Slightly increases student collaboration
    I don't believe it has had an impact on this at this time
  • Slightly improves behaviour or wellbeing
    It is still early to see any significant results. Once students complete their Persona Profile, they seem to enjoy hearing about their personality styles.
  • Moderately builds student knowledge
    They are learning more about themself, but the language used in Persona is not accessible to them; supportive, animated decisive etc. Many of our students have low literacy levels, so they don't always understand what they are doing. Unless we can take them for 1:1 time to explain everything, the impact right now is minimal.
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