Review of Phonics Hero
Phonics Hero
Yarni MacAlister


Coleraine Primary School, Australia

Used Phonics Hero daily for 1-2 years

Oct 2021

I love it, the kids love it and it reflects and supports the classroom based learning perfectly. Plus it is a great price point, considering we are a small school and have a limited budget.

Yarni MacAlister found Phonics Hero:
  • Significantly reduces attainment gap
    I have a child that has developmental delays. He has difficulty participating in whole class or small group activities but will interact well in an online learning environment and with gamification. He has been able to use Phonics Hero to make significant reading, writing and spelling progress this year! Plus, he loves to do it!
  • Significantly improves attainment
    I follow a systematic synthetic phonics based program and I find that Phonics Hero compliments it beautifully. It gives the students additional independent practice with the concepts I have taught in our small group sessions and helps to reinforce their learning.
  • Moderately builds student knowledge
    Exposure to new sounds if they are progressing. These are explicitly taught later but the beauty of using an SSP approach to learning to read is that they understand the concept that sounds are spelled using letters and they assimilate the new information into their existing schemas with ease.
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