Review of Socrative

Director of Innovation and Technology

Monticello Academy, United States of America

Used Socrative weekly for 5 years+

Dec 2023

Socrative could use more review tools beyond the Space Race. Creative games would be fun for the kids while also helping them review the lesson content. One note about the Space Race as it currently works is that it scores based on if the questions were answered correctly by any member when done as a team. I recommend that the Space Race give the option to base their overall score on how many correct answers there were in the team instead.

Reply from Socrative:Hey there, Arrash! Thanks for the review. We really appreciate the feedback about Space Race and the need for more flexibility to support review and practice activities. I'll pass this feedback on to our product team to review as they work to develop the app further. Thanks!
Arrash found Socrative:
  • Moderately reduces teacher workload
    The Space Races work as a great review tool and the quizzes work well because they can automatically grade the results saving me time.
  • Slightly improves teaching efficiency
  • Moderately improves attainment
    It works well as a review tool.
  • Does not significantly build student knowledge
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