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Robotical has updated their much loved Marty the Robot with a more robust, classroom-friendly humanoid robot that can withstand even the most enthusiastic handling! Marty the Robot V2 is a walking, dancing, eyebrow-wiggling robot designed to inspire the next generation of roboticists and engineers. Students can program Marty... Show more
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5-7, 8-10, 11-13

Robo Wunderkind - the complete STEM education toolkit for your classroom. Robo Wunderkind is an award-winning solution for learning and teaching coding and robotics, which enables children to learn the essential STEM skills from the age of 5. Build robots with LEGO®-compatible colour-coded blocks, then learn to program... Show more

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The EaRL coding robot from Hope Education was designed by coding education specialists, and he is the perfect edtech resource for teachers and pupils starting out on their coding journey. The cute smile, flashing lights and fun sounds make it impossible not to fall in love with E.a.R.L,... Show more


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Ready to play out of the box, Dash appeals to children aged 6+ and has been created to further develop programming and robotics skills. Powered by tablet or smartphone apps, Dash teaches everything from scratch, working to help children through the National Curriculum at their own pace and... Show more


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