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Strategies to help EdTech sellers succeed online

As a MAT COO I hated dealing with EdTech companies

In 2019 I joined a Multi-Academy Trust. Being on the receiving end of many a sales & marketing machine gave me an invaluable insight into what is going wrong for many EdTechs. More importantly, it showed me what can be done to fix it.

5 Ways To Collect Free Reviews

Want to ramp up your review collection? Here are 5 ways to invite your customers to leave reviews so that you can gather even more valuable feedback and boost your profile on EdTech impact.

Social Proof: Why It Matters In EdTech

In 2011, £5.5m was invested into UK-based EdTechs. Fast-forward to 2020, and investment hit £209m, an astonishing 3700% growth. What was once a slow-moving sector has now grown into a booming industry, accelerated further…

How Reviews Help You Build Trust With Schools

The Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed tectonic shifts in the EdTech world, turbo-charging the adoption of solutions across all phases of education. As demand from schools soared, so too did investment – with an extra £6 billion going into EdTech companies in 2020.

Review Collection Email Templates That Work

We’ve gathered a selection of client review request emails that consistently perform well. Feel free to make them your own. You know your customers best, so think about the tone of voice you would normally use – and don’t forget to include your unique review link.

Showcase Your Quality With A Teacher Choice Award

To help EdTech vendors differentiate themselves from the competition, EdTech Impact awards the highest rated solutions with a “Teacher Choice Award” – the first transparent, data-driven certification for the EdTech sector, based on independent, verified reviews.

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