DroneKids Course - Module 2

DroneKids Course - Module 2

DroneKids Course - Module 2


What is DroneKids Course - Module 2?

At DroneKids, we offer an innovative and fun concept course for 8- to 12-year-olds in which the methodology was built to challenge students to learn and apply content and skills for real projects that they do not just use, but create new discoveries. Through Me to We philosophy, combined with the STEAM concept, the structure of the course encourages the student to work as a team and develop their potentialities using the technology of Mini Drones, learning how they work, what are their applications and specially learning to pilot these equipments in practical classes. Students will be able to experience the feeling of flying while they operate the Drones with their Virtual Reality goggles.
A unique experience!!!.

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Last updated 5th December 2023