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Educator Impact

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What is Educator Impact?

Educator Impact helps schools improve student outcomes by delivering actionable insight on wellbeing, engagement, and vocation.

Create the best workplace you can for your staff with a weekly check-in. Get deep insight into their sentiment and engagement and take frequent action for ongoing improvement.

Amplify your support for student wellbeing with an online check-in that takes just 60 seconds to complete. Students can check in from anywhere and at any time and vulnerable students can reach out for help.

Create a whole school culture of ongoing improvement with solutions for Teachers, Leaders & Support Staff. Capture student voice to improve teaching & learning across the whole school.

Nurture effective partnerships by actively engaging your community. Make sure parents and carers are involved and aligned with your plan. Identify barriers to engagement and act quickly to stay connected.

Age Range11-13, 14-16, 17-18
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Introduction handbooks and onboarding documents are provided.

Educator Impact Pricing

Pricing Plans

Paid Subscription

Educator Impact pricing starts from $5 / per-pupil

Our pricing is on an annual subscription basis and is product dependent. You pay per user license. Our PD platform is from AUD$150-$240 per user. Student Wellbeing is from AUD$5 per user.

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Last updated 5th December 2023
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