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What is Encounter Edu?

Encounter Edu provides a suite of different types of learning resources. These can be used in bitesize chunks or as fully-integrated programmes.

Live lessons feature live broadcast lessons with experts and extreme locations from the Arctic to the deep ocean and local fieldwork. Teacher resources provide fully resourced lessons and units aligned to UK and US standards.

The multimedia section has a host of videos, galleries, and interactive diagrams from projects and expeditions around the world.

A range of STEAM activities provide hands-on learning ideas for the home or classroom. For more support and subject knowledge, the professional development section provides with advice and expertise to keep teachers and parents learning too.

Recommended Usage

Encounter Edu is designed to be as flexible as possible. Teachers and parents may want to use just a single video or lesson. However, it has more impact when the different sections are integrated. For instance, teach a lesson, view a 360-degree gallery, take part in a live broadcast and then review.

Video & Screenshots

Educational Impact

build student knowledge
improve teacher knowledge
reduce teacher workload

Age Range
5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16


Encounter Edu requires a device with good internet connection. The website is responsive, so all sections can be viewed on a mobile, tablet or laptop and projected in a classroom. It may be easier to view downloaded resources on a tablet or laptop device. To use 360-degree media, classes can choose options from using projector and white board, tablets or smartphones and virtual reality viewers. For live lessons, teachers will need to display the live video and have access to Zoom or YouTube depending on the lesson they are joining.


There is a wide-range of support articles in the professional development section, including advice on using the site during any period of school closure, which is also aimed at parents. The teacher resources are designed for use by novice and expert teachers alike and a number of resources have been adapted for ‘at home’ use. Live chat and email support is also offered for any further questions.

Encounter Edu Pricing

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Encounter Edu pricing starts from £0 / per-pupil

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