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Little You 3D

Little You 3D

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What is Little You 3D?

At Little You 3D, we believe cultivating creativity at an early age is more critical than ever. Years of lockdown have compromised our most vulnerable population's creative growth, but with Little You, developing imaginative, confident, well-adjusted kids through technology is within reach.

With Little You, children will:

  • Develop social skills and pride by showing their real-life creation to friends and family.
  • Feel represented with over 1200 templates that allow them to choose skin color, outfits, facial expressions, eyewear, and more.
  • Feel confident in their ability to do anything.

No two are alike, meaning each Little You will be as unique as the little one that designs it. Our 3D printing technology makes customizing simple. We print with full-color sandstone, full-color resin, and full-color plastic, then add full-color candy and metal down the pipeline, resulting in a multi-textured sensory experience.

CompanyBusiness Name: Sheloo Inc.
HQ Location: Canada
Founded: 2020
Age Range5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16
Features3d Printing3d Design SoftwareArt LessonDesign WorkshopAnime3d ModellingDiyCharacter Design Game3d GameContestAvatar Creator
AccessibilityModerate features
PoliciesTerms of ServicePrivacy Policy
RequirementsInternet - High BandwidthDesktop - MacDesktop - WindowsMobile - iPhoneMobile - iPadMobile - Android

It is recommanded to use desktop browser on Google Chrome to access full features of Little You 3D.

Set Up

Technology Setup

● Computers with access to the internet

Before the Lesson (15 Mins Setup)

● Create a (free) account for your class or have kids log in with Gmail, Facebook, or Clever

● Review peer creations in the Gallery

● Watch the tutorial at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnNWsh-OCT0


You can follow the steps given below as a guide.

Step 1: Open the Little You website and click on the play button.

Step 2: This will guide you to a page where you can see all the features of the 3D characters.

Step 3: Click on each of the features to create your character; when done, click on the 'Make Me' button

Step 4: This will create a custom 3D character that you can save and make your own.

As a teacher, it becomes your responsibility to encourage your students to actively participate and get them involved in the activities. You can encourage your students by adding questions to keep them engrossed in the activities. A few suggestions are given below, that will ease your task.

What is the hair type of your friend? (Or the character they are creating)

How would you like to dress your friend?

What does your friend look like?

Who is your role model?

● Design a character just like your mom.

● Design a character just like your dad.

● Dress up yourself.

● Design a superhero!

At the end of the class, you can have students present their 3D Models to the class. They can talk about their creation and the inspiration behind it, you can also bring their creations to life with the magic of 3D printing. For school partnerships, you can contact christina@littleyou.ca

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Home LearningParent Access

Anyone can create the account.

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Little You 3D Pricing

Pricing Plans

Free VersionOne-Off Fee

Little You 3D pricing starts from $15 / one-off
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Last updated 25th May 2024
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Little You 3D
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